Authorship Guidelines

  • Investigators who are given the opportunity for authorship must fulfill authorship requirements (i.e., provide meaningful input and approve the manuscript) within reasonable deadlines in order to ultimately be included as an author.

  • All papers using CAPNET data will include “for the CAPNET Investigators” in the author line. Please work with the DCC to identify “the CAPNET investigators” (generally, this will include one investigator from each site that contributes data).

  • For papers where the majority of the analysis is of CAPNET data (i.e., papers without a significant external source of non-CAPNET data) should provide one named author opportunity for each site that contributes data. We can work with you to contact site PIs to identify authors early in the course.

  • At least one author from the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) should be included as a named author.

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